VRSO Interiors is a rising firm headed by IDr. Dianne Manansala Versoza.

Starting 2018, VRSO interiors is continually making spaces refined thru mix of different design styles.
VRSO believes that there’s elegance in simplicity. A space that could help with the growth, good vibe , positivity and a space that reflects the personality of the inhabitants.

VRSO is recently associated with hotel type designs because of the recent interior turnovers that highlights high-end living.
Edge of VRSO? Hassle-free client service.

VRSO will take over with everything.

Interior designer Dianne Versoza portrait in black dress

IDr. Dianne M. Versoza, PIID

Principal Interior Designer

IDr. Dianne Manansala Versoza is the sole proprietor and principal interior designer of VRSO Interiors. She graduated from the Philippine School of Interior Design in 2016, and passed the board exams in 2018. Growing up in a family of contractors enabled her to acquire extensive knowledge and experience in project management, which later on served as a huge advantage in her profession. Dianne’s style mainly focuses on clean and elegant motifs that have a lasting appeal. With the quality of worksmanship and level of details she exudes in her projects, she is now known and associated with hotel-type residential home designs.